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OBN Knowledge Network

The Expert Teams
The Expert Group Fauna and eight Expert Teams form the core of the OBN Knowledge Network. The set-up of the Expert Teams has been based on the various landscapes that occur in the Netherlands: 

• Brook valleys (contact: T. Termaat - Bosgroepen)
• Dry sandy areas (contact: W. van Heusden - RVO)
• Dunes and coastal areas (contact: S. Terlouw - Staatsbosbeheer)
• Colline landscapes (contact: F. van der Zee - WUR)
• Fen and Sea Clay landscapes (contact: R. van Grunsven - Vlinderstichting)
• Wet sandy areas (contact: J. Van der Weele - Landschap Overijssel)
• Riverine landscapes (contact: I. van Gogh - Bureau Waardenburg) 
• Agricultural and Rural Areas (contact: W. Hakkeling - BoerenNatuur)
• Expert group Fauna (contact: H. van Kleef

These teams formulate research questions aimed at solving (long-term) management problems. They also supervise research projects, and disseminate knowledge by means of reports, scientific papers, brochures, expert reviews, lectures, field symposiums, and through this website