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In the OBN Knowledge Network, researchers, conservation site managers, universities, consultancies, NGO’s and governmental bodies, such as provinces and water boards, closely cooperate to restore ecosystems and nature reserves. In this network, knowledge and practice intermingle, and science and nature management jointly look for the most effective approaches to enhance sustainable conservation of important ecosystems in the Dutch landscapes. Since 2006 The OBN Knowledge network formulates each 4 to 5 years its mission statement and knowledge agenda which is leading in all OBN related activities. Based on this mission statement, landscape-based ‘Expert Teams’ are working on the development, dissemination and implementation of knowledge on restoration and rehabilitation of nature reserves, on issues regarding Natura 2000 and the EU Water Framework Directive, as well as on distribution problems of individual species. During the last decade, the OBN Knowlegde Network is also focusing on environmental problems, such as the effects of atmospheric nitrogen deposition, climate change, sea level rise, coastal defense, flood risks, and other changes in the hydrological systems. In these fields of research, the network cooperates with many research institutes.

Core message
The Dutch OBN Knowledge Network for Nature Restoration and Management
• is an independent and innovative platform where policy makers, site managers and scientists cooperate in the management and restoration of natural areas;
• it develops and disseminates knowledge to enhance nature quality management and conservation in the Dutch lansdcapes and in the Atlantic Region.

Since 2014 for an initial period of five years, and commissioned by BIJ12 (The Twelve Dutch Provinces) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the activities of the OBN Knowledge Network are coordinated by VBNE (Association of Forest - and Nature site owners) in Driebergen. This period has been renewed until 2024. BIJ12 and the Ministry are providing an annual budget of 1.6 million euro for research and communication carried out within the frame-work of OBN. OBN research projects are being allocated via calls for tenders to research institutes. The overall responsibility for the OBN Knowledge Network lies with the VBNE Board that is being advised by an Advisory Committee with a broad representation from policy, research and management organizations. In 2012, a mid-term review on input, outcomes and effects helped to redefine research priorities of the OBN Knowledge Network. In 2018 a committee proposed adjustments in the governance structure, witch has been implemented within the renewed contract until 2024. The Expert Group Fauna and eight Expert Teams form the core of the network.

The Expert Teams
The Expert Group Fauna and eight Expert Teams form the core of the OBN Knowledge Network. The set-up of the Expert Teams has been based on the various landscapes that occur in the Netherlands.

Field symposiums
Within the OBN Knowledge Network, field workshops are an important way of knowledge exchange. During these workshops, research outputs and results, and experiences with management techniques are being shared and discussed. See also

OBN Knowledge Network
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